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Room Design Guide

Find room design answers that make designing online easy. Start your next room design online by using the services, resources and design aids provided in DOL's Ultimate Room Design Guide.

Energy Efficient Choices

A collection of energy efficient products and resources that provide a practical guide for applying energy efficiency strategies in your home, including research on sizing solar energy and wind power.

Weatherize America

Weatherize America provides the resources to help you start a business weatherizing homes, including your own web site, reference manuals, checklists, estimate sheets, product discounts and more.

Greenest Choices

We make it easy to be green. Our four steps of learning how to be green include home energy efficiency, efficient heating and cooling, renewable energy sources, electric cars and hybrid cars.

Create Ecards

Create and send customized, printable Greeting Cards for any holiday or special occasion. Add special effects, music, backgrounds and your own images to our ecards.

Affiliate Programs

Best Energy Saving Products

We provide energy saving products and devices that help to save or create energy in the most practical and affordable ways by focusing on renewable electric power provided by solar and wind energy.

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